My letter to Iowa Supreme Court Justice:

​​​Judges denied me due process

I was denied 21 days (as provided by law) to find a lawyer

Court Record illegally changed

Denied translator - English is not native language

Denied continuance - depsite bleeding from mouth during trial down front of blouse

Trial Judge Mary Howes was admonished

Judge served one sided negotiations - benefit the lawyer

​Judge signed Contempt order with no grounds without following procedure

Opposing lawyers allowed to use their dirty tricks:

Bad mouthing me to other lawyers

Taunting me so I loose my cool

Big Powers paid off by opposing lawyer try to block me from hiring lawyer

They infect my cases in other cases - is this not interstate criminal? Wirefraud?

Who actually broke the law?

​Where to Powerless People go?  Citizen I want your voice!

A Cause For Social Justice

(updated Nov 15, 2015)

Victimized by Unbridled Abuse of Power,

Not Social Justice

1). Support a Constitutional Amendment for direct election of Judges in all 50 States

2). Federally mandated stronger ethics in law schools

3). Federal and Uniform guidelines for recording, maintenance and access to court documments such that the integrity and history is maintained.

4). Federal oversight of State and County Clerk Offices to include compliance with the Federal Financial Accounting Standards (FFAS) and serving the public in complaince with ISO 9000.

This is me on the day I got out the hospital.  They falsely charged me with contempt and dragged me into court, take my motorcycles and falsely imprison me. 

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​​​Dead man filed court papers - Charging me with Contempt


​This is about more than a divorce, but abuse of power, corruption and our elected and trusted officials breaking the law!  They caused a foreclosure to fund their war chest.

Lawyers Did Not Work:

not competent, did not execute discovery, did not return phone calls, took money from other side

charged big money, more than could be accounted for and did only half the job

took money, then withdrew from the case

took retainer, but never made an appearance and contempt charge came to my house

dropped the ball several times, did not prepare for trial, did not pursue claims

sent a convicted felon from Georgia State Prison to my house​​

Why did they unlawfully detained until after my court hearing date to sell the business?

The facts of how power was abused against me:

Illegal Police Home Invasion ordered by without a warrant by opposing lawyer

My money disppeared in the Clerk of Court office

Disappeared money used for politics

Huge Accounting Irregularities 

Why was I denied a meeting to explain? Why was this not investigated?

Personal Property taken from me

They tried to imprison me an innocent person

They intentionally caused emotional stress

Their abuse of power led to health problems

​I lost my own sole business

I lost several motorcycles

Marriage and business of 25+years

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I was so puzzled and stressed, paralyzed and could not walk. If I were not Christian I would have used a gun to kill someone or myself